Women on Wednesdays Art & Culture Project 2012: The Naked Edition

THE WOMEN ON WEDNESDAYS ART AND CULTURE PROJECT 2012: THE NAKED EDITION is co produced by Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative, Ocean Ana Rising, Inc., and The Brecht Forum. Each Wednesday in the month of February, from 7pm-11pm, will feature the phenomenal creative expressions of women of the African Diaspora in poetry/spoken word, dance, music, song, and theater arts.


FEB 8TH – Body Ecology Performance Ensemble, Denae Hannah (dance), Mahogany Browne (poetry), Kamilah Aisha Moon (poetry), Maritri Garrett (music)

FEB 15TH – Binahkaye Joy (dance), Piper Yvonne Anderson (theater arts), Una Karim (video arts), Malaika Adero (lit. reading), Bon Secours Community Works (theater arts), Tonya Hegamin, Samantha Thornhill & Company (theater arts)

FEB 22ND – Kimani Fowlin (dance), Phakiso Collins (dance), Carmen Mojica (theater arts), 1st Generation Nigerian Project (theater arts), Dominique Morisseau (lit. reading), Delandria Mills (music)

FEB 29TH – Global Women’s Empowerment Forum, moderated by Shani Jamila. Panelists – Paloma McGregor, Aimee Cox, Imani Uzuri, Anusha Mehar, Dayanara Marte, and more. Special performance by Imani Uzuri

*$10 admission will benefit all of the artists and the growth of the series

**Women on Wednesday Art and Culture Project (WoW) organizers recognize the intersecting oppression of race, sex, and gender that marginalize the cultural and artistic labor of women of the Diaspora. We affirm the pressing need to collaborate with women of color artists who are expanding conversations about what it means to be of the Diaspora, woman, artist, cultural worker, and scholar. As a woman of color-led project, we recognize the radical practice of providing an uncensored and economically-supported platform for WoW’s participants to articulate identity, art, and cultural practice as a personal evolutionary process and negotiation of violent landscapes founded in doctrines of silence and erasure.

“A Healing Touch: Digital Offerings of Peace to Women Survivors”

August 20, 2010 at L’Eclat de Verre Versailles, Georgetown, Washington, DC; 6:30 – 11 pm with a private reception from 6:30 – 8 pm.

“Artists not only document social change; they promote, inform, and shape it. Whether through music, plays, graphics, paintings, songs, films, media, architecture, textiles, jewelry, photography, poetry, sculpture, pottery, landscapes, written word, dance – art is powerful … For art is the intellectual underpinning of social change; nowhere is there more potential and more need for art than now,” excerpt from “Promoting Social Justice With San Francisco’s Most Creative Capital” by Maria X. Martinez





Digital Art by MROB


“A Healing Touch: Digital Offerings of Peace to Women Survivors” seeks to inspire hope and incite healing by honoring women who have survived oppression, violence and abuse. It is a celebration and testimony to the inherent beauty, strength and possibility of women everywhere from all walks of life and cultural origin.

The show features visual works by an international network of artists (“fingerpainters”), who paint, photograph and sketch exclusively on mobile wireless devices (iPhones, iPads, Androids and or wireless graphic tablets)–in most cases with only the tips of their fingers.

The show is the collaborative brainchild of mobile Digital artist, Mia Robinson (“MROB”) and Nina Angela Mercer, Executive Director of Ocean Ana Rising, Inc. And it is Robinson’s first attempt to bring the rising mobile digital art community to her hometown of Washington DC. Recognizing the power of mobile digital media as a viable creative tool as well as a powerful means of connecting artists of all professional levels and backgrounds, “A Healing Touch” seeks to demonstrate how this fusion of visual art and technology can also be used as a vehicle for empowerment–to not only restore hope in the lives of the many women in the community who have suffered and survived extraordinary circumstances of abuse but to also display how the media allows these women to connect to a support system and community of survivors that extends beyond DC Metro borders.

Through the visual offerings of 25 of the most prolific iphone/ipad/android artists in the world, various interactive device-driven activities, and a “When Left To Your Own Devices” mobile digital art outreach workshop for teenaged girls, “A Healing Touch” invites attendees into the high-tech world of art and social media. We hope to inspire all to explore their own mobile devices as a potential outlet for creative expression, while also bringing attention to the worldwide issue of abuse and violence against women.

Purchase tickets to the private reception and learn more by visiting: http://www.oarinc.org/digitalartevent/