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Love Bruises

Hands on her
Love bruises, that’s what she’s dubbed them
Shaken violently so that her brain can rattle back in place
Her mind deteriorates with every bitch slap she swallows; he’ll change, she just knows it
The line where physical violation was a crime unto her psyche was rubbed out with each thrust, each orgasm – “I’m so sorry I won’t do it again.”
It’s okay, he loves her so much he has to leave marks all over her body
Her eyes were so beautiful he had to adorn and adore them with black and blue kisses, just swelling with love
The arms that hug him so tightly, maybe he cared for them so much that they went limp with broken bones
Threw her down the stairs to show her the way to a better life with him
Love bruises, that’s all they are
He loves her, he really does
Loves her so much he can’t bear anyone else being around her, and he means anyone
Her friends and family understand; she’s not allowed to go near the door…that’s a breach of their love
This passion, she felt it in her ribs as she struggles to breathe, cracked under the intense devotion he shows her
The wall’s to blame for the contusions that enhance her back, it crashed into her, she’s so clumsy
Love bruises, they decorate her and show everyone how much he adored her
Insults are just compliments in disguise, can’t have him telling everyone how feverishly he loved her, now can we?
Climbing on her to look into her swollen eyes, playing connect the dots with the blacks and blues he placed on her body like a treasure hunt
She searches for logic with every painful orgasm that leaves her battered vessel

-Carmen Mojica
Hija De Mi Madre – Carmen Mojica


My Pen and Poetry

I hold you tight between my fingers.
Caressing your every curve,
As my thoughts lead me down the path towards…release.
And now our love is spilled like ink across paper.
Scrawled out into fanciful wordplay, like foreplay, becoming all part of the experience.
And here we remain to begin again and again for as long as it takes for us to release that tension.
Not…sexual tension but mental tension.
For my love for you begins with your ability to seem to read my mind,
As my thoughts leave your mouth faster than I can even think the things I think.
I often wonder why I treat you like my other woman
When my other woman is nothing but paper thin and ruled by her college expectations.
And with that you must realize that those long nights spent embracing you,
As my hand explores your every curve and as i stroke your every line.
You dot my every “i” and cross my every “t”.
I love you forever more,
And you, you complete me

-Showtime: The FlyyGuy

That DAMNED Guitar

My heart strings
Were once strummed
By the fingers of an ebony angel
Like that old beat up guitar you used to play
Now my heart strings lay covered in dust and discarded
No longer feeling the out-pour of heavenly melody
That once used to flow down those magnificent fingers of ebony
Like that old beat up guitar you used to play
That now sits next to my heart strings
In the corner, collecting dust
Hoping and praying that one day
Those ebony angel’s elegant fingers
Will one day pour the melody of a seraph over them once again
But unlike that old beat up guitar you used to play
My heart strings can be restored and renewed
But they won’t, they will no longer be used by any cherubim
In heaven nor hell never will these heart strings play
The lovely tunes that were once played on that old beat up guitar

-Showtime: The FlyyGuy


Freedom (written May 12, 2010)

a shattered dream
the deafening silence
my soul cried out
you answered with violence

your words cut deep
and your lies left me bruised
turning in circles.
manipulated. confused.

‘marriage is hard’
is what they all said
yet none of them spent
a single night in my bed

you’d have to walk in my shoes
to see how it felt
then you might understand
the shitty hand I’d been dealt

time eases all
but the memories stay
little did i know
you’d fuck around and betray

the trust that i gave
the respect from my core
and piss it all away
inside a home-wrecking whore

i gave you my soul,
my love and my heart
and you were content
to tear them apart

I’m lucky I left
and I knew I was done
only a spineless coward
makes threats with a gun

how the hell did I get here?
the path seemed so clear
swallowed up by the pain
paralyzed by the fear

in your greed and desperation
your blind eyes failed to see
this lioness’ transformation
her spirit was set free

my strength and my freedom
are what kept me alive
this soul knows the answers
to overcome and survive

my heart is still beating
my self worth is restored
lessons learned, not repeating
a new life, my reward

jaded and bitter,
i won’t let myself be
i’ll just hold the next man
to a higher degree

in the end, all is well
I’m safe and I’m sound
freed from that jail cell
a beauty unbound

~Corrin Ordner