My Pen and Poetry

I hold you tight between my fingers.
Caressing your every curve,
As my thoughts lead me down the path towards…release.
And now our love is spilled like ink across paper.
Scrawled out into fanciful wordplay, like foreplay, becoming all part of the experience.
And here we remain to begin again and again for as long as it takes for us to release that tension.
Not…sexual tension but mental tension.
For my love for you begins with your ability to seem to read my mind,
As my thoughts leave your mouth faster than I can even think the things I think.
I often wonder why I treat you like my other woman
When my other woman is nothing but paper thin and ruled by her college expectations.
And with that you must realize that those long nights spent embracing you,
As my hand explores your every curve and as i stroke your every line.
You dot my every “i” and cross my every “t”.
I love you forever more,
And you, you complete me

-Showtime: The FlyyGuy