Freedom (written May 12, 2010)

a shattered dream
the deafening silence
my soul cried out
you answered with violence

your words cut deep
and your lies left me bruised
turning in circles.
manipulated. confused.

‘marriage is hard’
is what they all said
yet none of them spent
a single night in my bed

you’d have to walk in my shoes
to see how it felt
then you might understand
the shitty hand I’d been dealt

time eases all
but the memories stay
little did i know
you’d fuck around and betray

the trust that i gave
the respect from my core
and piss it all away
inside a home-wrecking whore

i gave you my soul,
my love and my heart
and you were content
to tear them apart

I’m lucky I left
and I knew I was done
only a spineless coward
makes threats with a gun

how the hell did I get here?
the path seemed so clear
swallowed up by the pain
paralyzed by the fear

in your greed and desperation
your blind eyes failed to see
this lioness’ transformation
her spirit was set free

my strength and my freedom
are what kept me alive
this soul knows the answers
to overcome and survive

my heart is still beating
my self worth is restored
lessons learned, not repeating
a new life, my reward

jaded and bitter,
i won’t let myself be
i’ll just hold the next man
to a higher degree

in the end, all is well
I’m safe and I’m sound
freed from that jail cell
a beauty unbound

~Corrin Ordner